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Lieke, Fatima and Kim for Zinzi!

For many years already we have three faces that represent us in all our campaigns: Lieke Martens, Fatima Moreira de Melo and Kim Feenstra. They are local faces with international renown. We love them and they love Zinzi.

Lieke Martens is our newest addition. She is a role model for the young generation, girls who believe that they can achieve anything. Together with the Dutch national football team she won the European Championship in 2017 and the same year, she was attributed the title for The European football player of the year. For her, Zinzi represents feminity and elegance, that is why everytime she isn't on the football pitch, she likes to feel as feminine as possible wearing our accessories.

Fatima Moreira de Melo is a genuine Zinzi woman. She is mart, sporty and confident. After she won the Olympic gold medal together with her hockey team in 2008, she remained a public figure. More than that, she is a feared poker-babe. Because of her unique style, she combines the Zinzi accessories in her own beautiful way.

Kim Feenstra is an international model, actress and photographer. She is the winner of the show Holland's Next Top Model in 2007 and ever since, she built herself as a brand on the international stage. Zinzi chose her to represent fashion, beauty and glamour.

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